Friday, February 29, 2008


Toypunks Volume 1 is featured in the current issue of Hong Kong's Milk Magazine.

Thanks to the staff at Milk and our friend Hasheeme at who helped hook this coverage up. Support Toypunks by picking up the DVD at the Kix Files webstore now!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


It's no secret that Secret Base is one of our favorite underground toy companies featured in the Toypunks Volume 1 DVD. Company owner, Hiddy Kinsohita, is a cool dude and we got some updates from him today about his new shop that will open soon in Harajuku. We thought we'd share that with everyone, though Hiddy's publically keeping the space a bit of a mystery. Still, we've a feeling the new store is going to blow minds. Here's Hiddy:
Toypunks: When will the new SB shop open?
Hiddy: I want the opening date to be a surprise, so it will happen without notice.
Where will it be located? I'm keeping this quiet as well. However, toy fans will be so happy with the new location. I also think tourists from abroad will be thrilled! The next spot will become a new tourist attraction for the toy world in Harajuku.
How will the new shop be different than your old locations? The image of my last store was more like a live rock club. The new store will be closer in atmosphere to a bar. I think it will not look like any toy shop you have seen before.
Will the products that you create have a different feeling than before? Yes, the new products we create will be very different than before. I have actually become weary of people who make similar toys to my own. It makes me feel a little ashamed as a Japanese. I want to progress my toys to the next level. I am sure that you will like what we are working on.
Will the Secret Base website be changing as well? No, I won't change the site because I think it's cool the way that it is.
Can you please share some of your plans for 2008 with us? I think we will release the jumbo Skull Bee at the end of March. I am also progressing on some projects with foreign artists. So please look forward to that, too!

*Lead photo from the collection of Carl Kent Smith*


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