Sunday, April 22, 2007


Kiyoka progresses nicely on the Hedoran vinyl. Every one of these toys gets hand-painted by the Gargamel staff.

We get a lot of insight into the toy production process at Gargamel. Pictured here are some sculpts in progress, plus a finished sculpt for the mini Smogun figure. As you can see, from clay sculpture to the final toy, shrinkage happens. Kiyoka has to consider this when adding the fine details. A versatile master sculptor, Kiyoka acutally cut his teeth sculpting silver jewelry.

The gang at Gargamel. After the shoot, the fellas brought out some Japanese cakes. We ate and chatted while listening to death metal. Good times and a tremendous bunch of people!


Anonymous said...

oh cool ! Kiyoka is so awesome as is Gargamel !! Can't wait to see this dvd !!! Go Justin !

steve said...

Looks like gargamel is getting the recognition they deserve in this movie! I love the pictures.