Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Before any US companies or designer vinyl collectors preached the merits of new Japanese vinyl, Isaac Ramos was on it. A crazy collector (toys + music) and co-owner of Dog and Pony Record company, Ramos first began a fan site to help educate people about the first wave of Japanese designer vinyl and its modern offshoots. Kids and old school collectors alike got full-blown addicted to Japanese vinyl thanks in large part to his infectious enthusiasm for this under appreciated scene in the US. Recently, he's been dropping rad toys and fashion items made in extremely limited runs that boast his mantra, "Real Fan Shit Only". When toypunks sat down with Isaac for an interview in San Francisco, he dropped the knowledge like only he can while proving his penchant for comedy. After toiling for various companies over the past few years in the skateboarding, music, design and toy industries (most recently for S7), Isaac just announced his new solo toy site www.realfanshitonly.com which is currently being crafted. Expect it to rule!

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