Saturday, October 6, 2007


We've been rocking the edit of Toypunks volume 1 down in Houston TX pretty hard. The film is looking killer and we can't wait to share it with everyone. Meanwhile, here are a few shots from inside the toypunks edit suite where we've been toiling away. First up: a close up of our view from the window of the control room. We made these Mike Giant Logo stickers for promotion this past summer... Pretty beautiful.

Here's another placed on toypunks' Chris Nelson's Fender Jag baritone. We're fairly certain this is the same model that Ian McKaye plays with the Evens, whose recordings have been providing fuel during the edit. Either way, Chris rules this damn thing. In addition to making the film, we've been cutting the soundtrack in a makeshift music studio located at HQ. It's been a blast.

With 30 hours of footage from five cities, and interviews in two languages, it doesn't take long for the edit room to turn to chaos!

And here's a picture of some stunning artwork that East Coast-based artist and awesome friend, David Manganaro, drew for us earlier in the year. Dave has done some excellent work for punk and hardcore bands and he's one of the best dudes out there. (He also drew up Mark Nagata's logo for Maxtoy Co.) Thanks a million, Dave.

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