Wednesday, December 26, 2007


On December 14th, Toypunks screened in Philadelphia at Mason Warner's shop, WTHN. The turnout was solid, the people were rad, and Mason and crew showed us a great time, Philly style.

We started out in Baltimore, having just come off of a screening there on the 7th. On the drive North, toypunks Chris Nelson snapped a shot of this fresh billboard off of rt 83 in Charm City--Baltimore mascot culture! Of course, we stopped by Shop Gentei while in B-more. This shop is always beautiful and stocks a ton of killer brands.

Following a short drive, we arrive at WTHN! The store is rad and features a nicely curated selection of sneakers, streetwear and some choice soft vinyl. Early in the night, shop owner and host Mason and Kovalsky catch up. Check out the fresh WTHN logo mural behind Mason.

The store begins to fill. Packed with old friends, toy heads, new friends, and a few music people, the vibe was fun and relaxed. We heard Chuck Treece was there early in the night, but had to bounce for a show in Jersey. Mr. Treece's legendary skaterock band, McRad, is featured on the Toypunks soundtrack.

The lights dim, and toypunks Chris announces the film...
And it plays! Mason set up some lawn chairs in the front row for the best seats in the house.

After WTHN, there was a wild afterparty at Skinners, a bar located just a couple of blocks away.

Isaac Ramos, Kerri Koch, Kyle and Will brought the holiday cheer in these new RFSO Christmas shirts.

Mason, Issac and our new pal Jon spun vinyl and the dancefloor got a little crazy. The movie played in the background. It was cool to cut loose with everyone.

Kerri Koch, Julie "The Kid" Gardner and Missy Mazaferro broke it down at the table amidst the madness.
toypunks musical collaborators, TS, drove in from NY!
toypunks family style! Andy Gardner, Chris and Justin get some holiday hang time in after the event. Thanks a lot to Mason at WTHN and Skinners for the hospitality and great times.

(Thanks to Missy Mazaferro, and Kovalsky's brother-inlaw and sister, Andy and Julia Gardner, for the awesome event picks! Missy also has a ton of great shots from the event and some hysterical captions up on her flickr account.

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