Friday, July 4, 2008

East Coast Style!

Following some time last month spent in Texas with director/partner Chris Nelson and translator Carl Wormley, Toypunks' Justin Kovalsky has recently moved to his hometown of Batimore, Maryland, for keeps.

With this Texas stint and the move, work on Toypunks: Volume 2 is officially under way! We've some killer surprises in store for everyone.

Meanwhile, here's a shot of a gorgeous old church just down the street from our new east coast headquarters. The architecture is stunning in this neighborhood.

Already, some visitors have passed through our new spot. One of our oldest friends Scott Dunmyer and lady Amy Hall slid in from S.F. last weekend. We promptly hooked them up with some Toypunks gear and got this shot of Scott rocking a fresh tee designed by the truly amazing Caleb Kozlowski! Later that night, we got together with more friends to play music and wild out ...

This deck designed by Hori of Seven Stars Japan hangs in the new Toypunks space. Among a host of of insane accomplishments, Seven Stars designed Bounty Hunter's iconic logo. Seven Stars rules.

Julie G finds her timing, then rips the kit!

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