Sunday, November 9, 2008


Upon our arrival in Japan to film for Toypunks Vol. 2, we had a great meeting with Hiddy Kinoshita, owner and creator of Secret Base toy company. Hiddy starred in Toypunks Vol. 1 and has become a good friend over time. As new vinyl companies come and go in an ever-mercurial market, Secret Base remains one of the top toy makers in Tokyo.

After exchanging gifts and catching up (Thank you so much, Hiddy!), Hiddy showed us this new original sculpt by American tattoo artist Chris Trevino.
Trevino is a gifted tattooist and painter who, among myriad accomplishments, studied under Japanese tattoo master Horiyoshi III. In the tradition of Horiyoshi's lineage, Trevino was given the Japanese name Horimana.

The Trevino, or Horimana, toy will be released by Secret Base and Osaka's Three Tides Tattoo, where Trevino has served as guest artist. As many will recall, Three Tides was featured in Toypunks Vol. 1 and is one of the most respected tattoo shops in the world. Three Tides will release toys by other renowned artist in the future, all of which will be produced by Secret Base.

The original concept art for Trevino's toy is amazing!

After Hiddy shows us this toy and another stunning piece that we won't reveal here until December, we discuss Toypunks' filming schedule for the week. Chika, Secret Base's manager who's become one of our favorite people on the planet, kept us all in line!
With our next meetings confirmed -- we'll see Hiddy and the Secret Base crew many more times throughout the trip -- it's back to the hotel to rest for our first full day of filming!

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