Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Usugrow's Salvation Ink: Updated!

At a cafe in Tokyo with the Secret Base crew, company owner Hiddy Kinoshita brought out this early wax sculpture and proto sketches of Japanese artist Usugrow's upcoming toy, Salvation Ink. While there were still adjustments to be made to the final sculpture before it would be cast in vinyl, the piece looks phenomenal. Later that week we'd interview Usugrow (pictured) in a park in his hometown, as he shared his inspiration for the Salvation Ink and talked about his roots in underground art, hardcore punk and metal. Thank you Usugrow and Hiddy!

Usugrow's Salvation Ink released on Christmas Eve at the Secret Base shop in Tokyo. The toy is available in both black and white colorways. The last two photos in this post show the finished product--pulled directly from Hiddy's blog. The piece looks amazing. Check it out at!

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