Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Toypunks Vol. 2: Take-shit!

One of the most unsung creators to have influenced the Japanese toy and street scene is Take-shit. While die-hard toy heads may recognize Take-shit's contributions to both the late '90s street toy explosion in Japan as well as vintage kaiju toy collecting, his affect on the toy and street fashion world at large is both subtle and vastly more profound than he is given credit for. In our interview for Toypunks Vol. 2, we discuss his role as a musician in the band Cocobat, his life as a gifted amateur shoot-fighter and his lifelong love of toys--both as creator and collector. As many reading this post may know, Take-shit's marriage of two of his passions--Big Daddy Roth's Rat Fink and Japanese soft vinyl toys--led to his unwitting creation of a new toy subgenre: the Fight Figure. Many boutique companies have followed in Take-shit's footsteps, creating hundreds of toys in the likeness of the Fink-shit, his first original figure. We discuss this with him in our interview, among many other topics ranging from his favorite American characters to what collecting truly means to him. Please look forward to this interview in Toypunks Vol. 2! Thank you very much, Takeshi!

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