Sunday, October 4, 2009


Editing on Toypunks Vol. 2 continues and the footage is looking amazing. This volume is focused largely on the process of creating vinyl toys -- from illustration to sculpt, iron molds to mixing the liquid soft vinyl, to pouring, pulling and handpainting the toys. From old Japanese masters to American punk and street icons, the artists that participate in the modern Japanese street toy scene are either legendary or worthy of being deemed so, and we're proud to be documenting them -- many of them for the first time ever by a U.S. film crew.

Also, you may have noticed a lull in updates here on the ToypunAdd Imageks blog and at Well, there's big news in our world. In addition to toiling away on the edit of Vol. 2, we have launched a toy company. Already -- with three announced vinyl figures in production by Mike Sutfin, Lamour Supreme, and Mike Giant -- Reckless is our way to give life to toys by artists whom we deeply respect and are covering via our documentary work. Reckless is the 3D equivalent of our video work. For collectors, by collectors who are passionately documenting the scene. Check it.

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