Thursday, March 29, 2007


And now for a trio of teaser stills from the interview at Hiddy's office.
Here's the entryway to the headquarters!
We snagged this shot of the shelf above the desk area while setting up. We also listened to the Clash as Hiddy cracked jokes. For real, this man's got skills as a comic. Somebody needs to put out a Hiddy stand-up record. (Ramos, where you at?!)
Hiddy lays it down in interview. We talk about his collecting style, musical taste, design inspiration and his hometown of Osaka. It was a great discussion that reveals much about Hiddy's personality and, in turn, the amazing items that SB puts out. Thank you, Hiddy. As we translate this interview and all of the others, we'll be dropping video snippets on the site.

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